To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn


Oh, four tuna!

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while, Cyberfriends. I’ve been trying to figure out what to write for a while, but all of my posts seemed…lacking. This winter was hectic and depressing overall, and I’m not fond of writing depressing things anymore so I refrained rather than get too personal. Perhaps I’ll post about what happened someday, but at the moment I don’t have enough perspective. However, this week the wheel of fortune has turned again so I have some beautiful news that I just can’t wait to share with y’all.

1.) I (finally) have a full-time job: I’m working through a temp agency, which is good because I like the freedom it affords my writing and acting career. Got a gig? Going through a dry spell? Well don’t worry cuz’ temping is here for you! It also gives me a chance to shop around at various companies that might decide to keep me. Tomorrow I start my first day of work at Jstor, the online library for scholarly articles. I’ll be working in their acquisitions department for a month, but that’s all I know for now. This is a nerd’s DREAM, I tell you! Intimate contact with a library of interesting subjects; the chance to get to know people in the biz of literature–and (possibly?hopefully? Please?) access to the library for free. When I told most of my friends this, their first question was if I get free articles out of it. Hahah, I’m friends with a whole bunch of nerds :p

2.) My creative life has picked up: After a disheartening dry spell I managed to score 3 projects that have the potential to make it big. The first was this youtube teaser commercial for a forthcoming book.

The second is that i’ve just been cast in a play- I can’t say much at the moment since i’m still waiting on more info before I accept the part, but I will say that it’s woman centered, premiering in several cities at once (I’ll be part of the NY cast), there will be a webseries to go along with it, and I’ll have the possibility to get (additional?) payment for writing a monologue to be performed in the show!

The third, and most exciting, is that I’m going to be paid to be an art model for this guy!  I’ve checked him out and  am impressed by his work and resume, so I’m super pumped to work with him.  I’m going to be art, y’all!!

Hooopefully not like this.  I don’t want to be Dorian Gavia…

3.) My (oh!) my (oh!) my (oh) my (ohh!) my Boo:  I have a boyfriend now, and he is awesome.  I don’t know how much he’d be comfortable with me sharing, so I will stop there.    But just had to let you know that when two nerdy PoCs find each other, it’s a thing of brilliance.  He is, without a doubt, super ginchy!

On a side note, I apologize for the lack of story updates lately.   My illustrator is abroad at the moment, so getting pictures to fit each segment is a little difficult.  But I’ve been writing it, so expect lots of new updates as soon as is possible.

It seems my wheel of fortune is a bit lopsided- it is weighted on both the amazing side and the awful side, so when it turns it oscillates rapidly from one to another.  This is just my turn to prosper.  Let’s hope I make the most of it!

I’m off to bed now- don’t want to be late for the first day of work!


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