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Writing and acting updates!!


I’m sorry I’ve been so forgetful updating this blog.  Here’s what I’ve been up to this month:


  • I’ve gotten two chapters of my story “Maggie and the Goblin” finished.  I’ve decided to work on this story and publish it all at once versus the Jukepop serial format.  I’m not sure I’m ready to work on a deadline like this.
  •  I shot a commercial for The Guardian US. This commercial will most likely be used for internal sales purposes but there is a very good chance it will wind up online.  I’ll update again once I can get my hands on the footage.
  •  I shot another commercial today for the Braingility memory system in Yardley, Pennsylvania.  It was a long day, but everyone on the crew was incredibly hospitable and supportive. And they let me take home snacks from Kraft Services.  AND I found two dollars on the ground at the Yardley train station!  All in all it was a good day 🙂
  •  I’ve just been cast in the webseries “Quarter Century,” about black 20-somethings trying to figure themselves out in New York.  I’m so excited about this project but unfortunately I won’t know my role until Saturday’s table reading.  Again, I’ll update once I get more info (I promise!)  In the meantime, please donate to help out the second season cast and crew.*

On tomorrow’s schedule is a callback for the new play “Detroit Blues” which, hopefully, will not clash with my rehearsal schedule for “QC.”  Wish me luck** everyone!  I’ll talk to you all later…


*This will also help me out financially.  So you’re not only supporting the arts and people of color in general, you’re supporting lil’ old me.
**by luck I mean “break a leg,” of course.


To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn


Oh, four tuna!

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while, Cyberfriends. I’ve been trying to figure out what to write for a while, but all of my posts seemed…lacking. This winter was hectic and depressing overall, and I’m not fond of writing depressing things anymore so I refrained rather than get too personal. Perhaps I’ll post about what happened someday, but at the moment I don’t have enough perspective. However, this week the wheel of fortune has turned again so I have some beautiful news that I just can’t wait to share with y’all.

1.) I (finally) have a full-time job: I’m working through a temp agency, which is good because I like the freedom it affords my writing and acting career. Got a gig? Going through a dry spell? Well don’t worry cuz’ temping is here for you! It also gives me a chance to shop around at various companies that might decide to keep me. Tomorrow I start my first day of work at Jstor, the online library for scholarly articles. I’ll be working in their acquisitions department for a month, but that’s all I know for now. This is a nerd’s DREAM, I tell you! Intimate contact with a library of interesting subjects; the chance to get to know people in the biz of literature–and (possibly?hopefully? Please?) access to the library for free. When I told most of my friends this, their first question was if I get free articles out of it. Hahah, I’m friends with a whole bunch of nerds :p

2.) My creative life has picked up: After a disheartening dry spell I managed to score 3 projects that have the potential to make it big. The first was this youtube teaser commercial for a forthcoming book.

The second is that i’ve just been cast in a play- I can’t say much at the moment since i’m still waiting on more info before I accept the part, but I will say that it’s woman centered, premiering in several cities at once (I’ll be part of the NY cast), there will be a webseries to go along with it, and I’ll have the possibility to get (additional?) payment for writing a monologue to be performed in the show!

The third, and most exciting, is that I’m going to be paid to be an art model for this guy!  I’ve checked him out and  am impressed by his work and resume, so I’m super pumped to work with him.  I’m going to be art, y’all!!

Hooopefully not like this.  I don’t want to be Dorian Gavia…

3.) My (oh!) my (oh!) my (oh) my (ohh!) my Boo:  I have a boyfriend now, and he is awesome.  I don’t know how much he’d be comfortable with me sharing, so I will stop there.    But just had to let you know that when two nerdy PoCs find each other, it’s a thing of brilliance.  He is, without a doubt, super ginchy!

On a side note, I apologize for the lack of story updates lately.   My illustrator is abroad at the moment, so getting pictures to fit each segment is a little difficult.  But I’ve been writing it, so expect lots of new updates as soon as is possible.

It seems my wheel of fortune is a bit lopsided- it is weighted on both the amazing side and the awful side, so when it turns it oscillates rapidly from one to another.  This is just my turn to prosper.  Let’s hope I make the most of it!

I’m off to bed now- don’t want to be late for the first day of work!

She-Hulkin’ out


Mie-hulk SMASH!!!!

After a demoralizing 2 month battle, I was turned down for food stamps because of an error on their part.  I am hungry and tired and I don’t know whether to she-hulk or belly-up.

This loooong saga began with an online application—one that was not advertised on their website, making it very hard to find.

After the app, I was sent a letter in the mail 2 days later telling me my phone interview time.  I waited by the phone at the specific time, but they didn’t call back until 3 1/2 hours later- when I was in the middle of work.  I called back during my break- however, because I did not answer the phone when they decided to call me my application was thrown out.

I applied again.  The letter came the day before my scheduled interview this time.  They called 2 hours later- this time I answered, made them call me back at an appropriate time for me, and completed the interview.  The man on the phone said I had 10 days to turn in the required documentation, and referred me to the checklist that had come with my letter.

After gathering all my documents I picked a free day and headed to the office, expecting to be out within 2 hours.  2 1/2 hours later I reach the front of the line and am told that I went to the wrong office–I have to head to a specific office to process my paperwork.  This office’s number is printed in tiny letters at the top of my checklist, with no mention that I was to answer to that place specifically.  According to google maps, there is no food stamp office at that address.

Oh- and all offices close in 20 minutes.

I run approximately 1.6 miles up a hill in sandals to get to the office.  I make it just in time, and the lady at the front desk takes pity on me.  However, I still have to run up and down the stairs collecting paperwork they forgot to give me in order to do procedures no one told me I had to do.  When I finally make it to a caseworker to turn in my papers, he asks me if I have 4 paystubs; yet seeing as the checklist I was provided only asked for the most recent stub and I had only been employed for 3 weeks at that time, I didn’t have it.  He told me to come back when I had four.

2 weeks later I come back, stand in line to turn in my paystubs.  I try to call ahead, the answering machines are full.  this is at least the 6th time I have tried to call only to end up with the same message.  The seventh time I call, a woman answers and snaps at me for asking if I am still eligible to turn in my paperwork.  She treats me as if I’m a stupid, annoying child and hangs up on me.

I take a number, wait in line for about 4 hours while my caseworker wanders around the building and laughs about how he’s going to leave early.  He calls 8 numbers the entire time.  Finally, a group of his fed-up coworkers mobilize to help the stranded.  They breeze us through in 15 minutes.  My paperwork is processed.  All I have to do is wait -in 30 days or less I will have my decision.

My envelope came in the mail today.  The message said that I was rejected because I “did not keep my promise” to attend an interview.  Which I did.  Over the phone.  Weeks ago.

I have three options: 1) admit defeat.  Make due with what I have.   2)Re-apply.  Wash. Rinse. Repeat.  3)Appeal–and prepare for another battle

But to be honest with you all, I’m tired.

I went through a similar, more frightening experience with healthcare and trying to get my doctor’s appointments and medicine.  And I’m tired of being treated like my body, my time, my safety is worth less because of the amount of money I have in my bank account.

I swear, living this life is turning me socialist.

And now we have pictures!


From: Maggie and the Goblin, chapter 1

My imooto (lil’ sis) will be illustrating Maggie and the Goblin from now on.

New chapters will arrive weekly, as will the pictures.

Thank you all!  I’ll let you know about the audition tomorrow 🙂


p.s. She’s started a travel blog and deviantart page as well, please check them out!  (I’ve added the links to the blogroll)





How’s this for an update:

I have an audition. For a pilot. With NBC.

Ask not for whom the peacock calls

I don’t even know what to do with myself.

Now, I know there’s a very slim chance that I’ll get even a callback, and I’ll be the first to admit i’m not quite the TV standard of beauty. My acting history is almost exclusively theater, and switching from theater to TV is not easy-not everyone can do it and it takes practice so you don’t look histrionic.

But this is still a chance, and you never know what could happen.

My audition is on Saturday, so there’s not much time.  I just hope my face is un-puffed and my brain un-clogged by then (I’m home from work today due to a nasty sinus infection).

I’ll blog more later about the concerns switching from stage to screen (body image being chief among them–yes, the camera does add pounds), but i’ll end this for now.

Adventures in Adulthood: Week 1


Captain’s log, stardate 2011.  It’s been one week officially since I moved to New York city.  I’m alive, I’m fed, I’m employed, and I’m happy.  Not bad for my second time in this town.

I’m so overwhelmed with everything- the happiness, how much I miss home, how scared I am of adulthood, and at the same time how well I’m managing.

I’ll slip up along the way.  I have already- I let someone talk me out of 8 bucks, and then insult me by lustily moaning as I walked away.  I keep getting lost on my way to and from work, and I don’t know how to eat cheaply in this town.

But I’m learning.  Every day I’m learning how to be a functioning big-girl.  I’m learning to walk on my own wobbly legs, and to massage my own flat-footed feet after a hard day.

I’m growing up.

There will be more posts in the coming days on a variety of topics: Gay Marriage in New York, Street Harassment, The Subway- as well as new poetry and other such creative scribblings.

In the meantime be well, cyberfriends.  I’ll write soon.  Promise.

But now, bed.  I have work in the morning.



Sooooo…I guess I’m an adult now?…

Sooooo…I guess I’m an adult now?…

Weird, huh?  It sneaks up on you.

I didn’t feel like an adult all through the graduation ceremony on Monday.  Fidgeting in the hot sun; slick with sweat; feet covered in mud- I felt like a child at an event for adults.

There were some whimsical elements about it, of course- it is Oberlin after all.  There was a guy in a wizard outfit, bathrobe boy in his bathrobe (a tradition), mike-on-a-bike (who is always on a bike, and rode his bike across the stage to get his diploma), professors in everything from robin hood hats to straw hats to devil horns, and me- in my mom’s sparkly old Mexican cocktail dress, with my polka-dot sunglasses and a flower wreath on my head.  The speeches, though long, were interesting.  The sky was immaculately blue.

Though to be honest, I missed about a fourth of the ceremony.  The nice thing about Oberlin, and about having graduation outside, was that there was a big table with snacks and free water for everyone.  I went to get water during the honorary degrees, and was waiting in line until the president’s address. Whoops!

After Sanjana got her degree I left my seat and went to walk around with her and rinse off my feet (the ground was so muddy from all the rain we’d had, my feet were covered).  But the ceremony was pretty much over by then, and so the two of us turned and watched the few students who were wearing mortarboards toss theirs in the air.

It was a lovely day.

The rest of my Oberlin time was spent saying goodbye to my friends and snapping quick pictures before running back to the house.  I managed to hold back the tears until I had to say goodbye to my friend and ex-roomie Mariko, who lives on the west coast.  Even then, I held my cool- but when I had to leave my housemates I bawled.  It must have been embarrassing for everyone, but oh well.  I always was a crybaby.

And here I am.  It’s been a week since graduation, and so much has happened.  As of this weekend I:

1.Got a job as an appointment setter for an insurance agent (Hopefully I start work Monday)

2.Decided to accept a part in a short play in Manhattan

3.Which means-

4.I found someone to crash with until I get a permanent place, so-


I’m going to be the stereotypical midwest girl with the stars in her eyes, livin’ a big city life!  I’ll throw my hat in the air like Mary Tyler Moore, and everyone will be charmed by my spunk and spirit:

Yes, I know this is set in Minneapolis, shut up.

I’ll seek my fortune and meet a wacky cast of characters, like Christina Aguilera:

Yes I know this is in LA, shut up.

And I used to live on a Main Street, so heading off to Wall Street territory will be even more stereotypical!

And that’s the thing I’m excited about:  after being an oddball my whole life, it’d be nice to at least look like a normal person.  It was so refreshing the last time- no one stared at me like an exotic freak (yep, I get that a lot).  There were so many different-looking people there, I felt like I was among friends.

I’ll let you know how things turn out- don’t worry, the blog won’t disappear.  If anything, it’ll be like the days I was in Japan.  Talk to you soon!  We we we so excited!!!