Writing and acting updates!!


I’m sorry I’ve been so forgetful updating this blog.  Here’s what I’ve been up to this month:


  • I’ve gotten two chapters of my story “Maggie and the Goblin” finished.  I’ve decided to work on this story and publish it all at once versus the Jukepop serial format.  I’m not sure I’m ready to work on a deadline like this.
  •  I shot a commercial for The Guardian US. This commercial will most likely be used for internal sales purposes but there is a very good chance it will wind up online.  I’ll update again once I can get my hands on the footage.
  •  I shot another commercial today for the Braingility memory system in Yardley, Pennsylvania.  It was a long day, but everyone on the crew was incredibly hospitable and supportive. And they let me take home snacks from Kraft Services.  AND I found two dollars on the ground at the Yardley train station!  All in all it was a good day 🙂
  •  I’ve just been cast in the webseries “Quarter Century,” about black 20-somethings trying to figure themselves out in New York.  I’m so excited about this project but unfortunately I won’t know my role until Saturday’s table reading.  Again, I’ll update once I get more info (I promise!)  In the meantime, please donate to help out the second season cast and crew.*

On tomorrow’s schedule is a callback for the new play “Detroit Blues” which, hopefully, will not clash with my rehearsal schedule for “QC.”  Wish me luck** everyone!  I’ll talk to you all later…


*This will also help me out financially.  So you’re not only supporting the arts and people of color in general, you’re supporting lil’ old me.
**by luck I mean “break a leg,” of course.


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