Maggie and the Goblin is now hosted on JukePop Serials!


In order to spur my writing drive I’ve decided to host Maggie and the Goblin, my YA novella, on

Jukepop curates user-submitted stories and hosts them on their website for people to read – sort of like an all-fiction Readers Digest.  Writers keep all rights to their work, get a great new publishing platform, and can choose to put their stories behind a paywall if they wish to monetize it.  Even if they don’t, Jukepop rewards the top 30 stories on their site cash prizes so there’s still a way to make money off submissions.

You can read the first installment here, where I’ll be updating every week.  Even though the first couple of chapters are already posted on this blog I’d really prefer you headed over to Jukepop and caught up there.  

Thanks again for bearing with me, cyber-friends!  Let’s catch up with Maggie and Magar together, shall we?


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    • Just by publishing it I do have some kind of copyright, and Jukepop allows me to maintain all control over my work (I read their terms and conditions before I signed up).

      But I definitely should take more steps to protect myself from copyright infringement…I’ll try to get on that today.

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