Maggie and the Goblin: A forward


Hello cyberfriends,

So I’ve been absent for quite a while.  Approximately a month.

And quite a bit has happened in that time:

1. I’m pretty-much attached to an acting project

2.I’ve got an audition for a second

3.I’ve been working my butt off looking for careers in my field

4.I’ve been swimming in malaise for the past few weeks

5.Foodstamps.applications.are.horrible (more on this later)

But enough about me, let’s talk about what this new project is.

Lost in the midst of this confusing new-new-yorker-ness has been my writing.  I miss it desperately, but I seem to be too exhausted to do anything except work and sleep.  Note: this includes eating, btw.   Chewing is hard work, yall.  Sunday i was too tired to even open a can of tuna, so I just stared at it wistfully and pretended I was full.

But no more.  There’s no point in being a starving artist if there’s no actual art involved.  Then you’re just starving.  And sad.

So I’ve decided to forge a pact with you all.  I’m going to write a story entitled Maggie and the Goblin.  I will put out a short chapter each week.  If you like it, please comment.  If you don’t, please comment anyway.

Ok? Ok!  Let’s do this, yall.  My body is feverish with the desire to write (or maybe it’s just fever, I’m not exactly sure).  I’ll post chapter 1 tomorrow- I need to finish editing it a bit.

See you tomorrow!


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