Adventures in Adulthood: Week 1


Captain’s log, stardate 2011.  It’s been one week officially since I moved to New York city.  I’m alive, I’m fed, I’m employed, and I’m happy.  Not bad for my second time in this town.

I’m so overwhelmed with everything- the happiness, how much I miss home, how scared I am of adulthood, and at the same time how well I’m managing.

I’ll slip up along the way.  I have already- I let someone talk me out of 8 bucks, and then insult me by lustily moaning as I walked away.  I keep getting lost on my way to and from work, and I don’t know how to eat cheaply in this town.

But I’m learning.  Every day I’m learning how to be a functioning big-girl.  I’m learning to walk on my own wobbly legs, and to massage my own flat-footed feet after a hard day.

I’m growing up.

There will be more posts in the coming days on a variety of topics: Gay Marriage in New York, Street Harassment, The Subway- as well as new poetry and other such creative scribblings.

In the meantime be well, cyberfriends.  I’ll write soon.  Promise.

But now, bed.  I have work in the morning.




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