Sooooo…I guess I’m an adult now?…

Sooooo…I guess I’m an adult now?…

Weird, huh?  It sneaks up on you.

I didn’t feel like an adult all through the graduation ceremony on Monday.  Fidgeting in the hot sun; slick with sweat; feet covered in mud- I felt like a child at an event for adults.

There were some whimsical elements about it, of course- it is Oberlin after all.  There was a guy in a wizard outfit, bathrobe boy in his bathrobe (a tradition), mike-on-a-bike (who is always on a bike, and rode his bike across the stage to get his diploma), professors in everything from robin hood hats to straw hats to devil horns, and me- in my mom’s sparkly old Mexican cocktail dress, with my polka-dot sunglasses and a flower wreath on my head.  The speeches, though long, were interesting.  The sky was immaculately blue.

Though to be honest, I missed about a fourth of the ceremony.  The nice thing about Oberlin, and about having graduation outside, was that there was a big table with snacks and free water for everyone.  I went to get water during the honorary degrees, and was waiting in line until the president’s address. Whoops!

After Sanjana got her degree I left my seat and went to walk around with her and rinse off my feet (the ground was so muddy from all the rain we’d had, my feet were covered).  But the ceremony was pretty much over by then, and so the two of us turned and watched the few students who were wearing mortarboards toss theirs in the air.

It was a lovely day.

The rest of my Oberlin time was spent saying goodbye to my friends and snapping quick pictures before running back to the house.  I managed to hold back the tears until I had to say goodbye to my friend and ex-roomie Mariko, who lives on the west coast.  Even then, I held my cool- but when I had to leave my housemates I bawled.  It must have been embarrassing for everyone, but oh well.  I always was a crybaby.

And here I am.  It’s been a week since graduation, and so much has happened.  As of this weekend I:

1.Got a job as an appointment setter for an insurance agent (Hopefully I start work Monday)

2.Decided to accept a part in a short play in Manhattan

3.Which means-

4.I found someone to crash with until I get a permanent place, so-


I’m going to be the stereotypical midwest girl with the stars in her eyes, livin’ a big city life!  I’ll throw my hat in the air like Mary Tyler Moore, and everyone will be charmed by my spunk and spirit:

Yes, I know this is set in Minneapolis, shut up.

I’ll seek my fortune and meet a wacky cast of characters, like Christina Aguilera:

Yes I know this is in LA, shut up.

And I used to live on a Main Street, so heading off to Wall Street territory will be even more stereotypical!

And that’s the thing I’m excited about:  after being an oddball my whole life, it’d be nice to at least look like a normal person.  It was so refreshing the last time- no one stared at me like an exotic freak (yep, I get that a lot).  There were so many different-looking people there, I felt like I was among friends.

I’ll let you know how things turn out- don’t worry, the blog won’t disappear.  If anything, it’ll be like the days I was in Japan.  Talk to you soon!  We we we so excited!!!



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