And now, the end is near~ (UPDATED!)


So, I graduate tomorrow.  Weird, huh?

I’m sitting in my (now bare) room.

I’m supposed to be packing.

But instead, I’ll quickly say:  I love Oberlin.  So friggin much.

It’s been a great ride.

I’ll post more thoughts when I get home tomorrow, but until then here’s Doug graduating.  I’ve been looking for this episode forever.  I even found the special ending theme!:

p.s.  Principal Buttsavage is basically Marvin Krislov in disguise.  He’s never in Bluffington because he’s chilling with us, pretending to be Rebecca Black:

ETA:  THIS IS MY 100th BLOG POST!!!!! W0000000t!!!


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  1. All beginnings have an end, just as seasons change so do our lives. Mourn for a time and remember the lessons and take them with you as you look forward to your new phase in life. It’s going to be great!!

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