NaPoWriMo (makeup): “Silk”


A spider

pulls herself up by one single thread

her silk is what she knows,

what brings the fruit of her net

towards the dark of her eyes

the caress of her legs

the flash of her jaw


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  2. your poetry is divine..

    invite you sharing a free verse with poets rally today.…12 hours to go before we are closed.

    Hope to see you in!
    Have A Blessed Thursday!

    claim three awards in my Tuesday post regardless you join or not, have fun!
    bless you.

    • Thank you so much! I’m not exactly sure how to claim the awards- I’m new to blogging.

      I think I signed up with poets rally, tho. But I’m really happy you like my poems XD

      • right click on the award images one by one, choose “save the image as”, save it to your award folder in your computer, then eidt your post like this one, click on square to upload the image and post..

        have fun, welcome.

        let us know after you are done 18 commenting…

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