Stand with Japan, Stand With us All


By now I’m sure everyone’s heard of the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, as well as the nuclear meltdown resulting from it.

Words cannot begin to express the grief I feel at this disaster and its continuing effects.  Not just because these are my people, not just because it is in part my land, but because every single one of us on this planet is connected.  We all know grief, sorrow, and fear.  To have this happen on such a large scale, affecting so many people is heartbreaking.

But this post is not about my feelings.  The disaster isn’t about me, even though I have relatives I’m still trying to get in touch with.

This is about helping, what we can do to help people in need.

I just donated $35 to an organisation I trust, Doctors Without Borders.  They are drawing from their general bank of donations to help Japan at this time, and don’t take funds directed to specific places.  Which is fine with me- if my money doesn’t go to Japan it will go to someone else who needs it, and Japan will still be helped.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of organisations you can donate to (please be careful where you donate, as not all sites are trustworthy).  Even if you can’t donate, keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers.  Keep the people there, in Haiti, Sri Lanka, New Orleans, New Zealand, and everywhere in your heart and please try to help when you can.

Even comforting a grieving or scared friend, or standing up against bigotry-which tends to rear its head even in times like this-makes a difference.

Look for ways to help.  Look for ways to spread healing and love.  Keep yourselves informed, healthy, and open.

I’ll write more once I know more.

Much Love,


Update: People all over the world are opening their heart for the Japanese.  From Hawaii’s Youtube sensation Ryan Higa:

To, which has created a group to help house displaced people

To kids affected by the earthquake in Haiti:

Warning- this last one is very emotionally raw.


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