After the Storm: musings with a post-show cold



I came home yesterday looking like this

So now it’s over. Thank God, thank my family, thank my friends, thank snickerdoodles, and thank sleep for that.
Don’t get me wrong- Jerusalem of Gold was a worthwhile experience. I met so many wonderful people, learned how to sing, and learned how much I like working collaboratively with new plays.  I became a better cook in my spare time.   2 out of 3 performances got a standing ovation, and there’s talk about the show going to NY Fringe festival.

But this past week was one of the MOST stressful weeks of my life.  Usually hell week (aka tech week aka the week a show goes up) is very hectic and stressful, but this was probably the first time when hell week was considered the least of my problems.  To put it gently, my Oberlin support system upended itself, and I was struggling to deal with that.  I’m still trying to figure the balance between taking care of others and taking care of myself.  How does one responsibly put oneself first, anyhow?

Now I’m able to turn my attention to other pressing issues like my senior paper, my unemployment status, and cleaning my house.  But first, my body says as it rocket-launches rhinoviruses strait at my face, sit your big butt down and get some rest.

So here I sit on the lazyboy in my house, bundled up and drugged up because of my usual post-show cold, with an uncharacteristically blank look on my face.  When my housemates came in and saw me they started laughing because my expression was so dead.  It’s crazy how much a show takes out of a person.  I spent an entire week trying to live for two and a half hours of stage-time.  Which goes to show: I need more vitamins.  I need more rest.  I need to get paid for this.


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