Urgent Message: WTF, Indiana


So my little sister called and told me about this Sh*t that’s going through my homestate:  SB590, otherwise known as Indiana’s attempt at “being Arizona without the nice weather” (verbage courtesy of Sen. John Broden, Dem, of South Bend).

According to this article:

Senate Bill 590 is a thirty page proposal and includes:

-requires state and local law enforcement officers who stop anyone for violating a law or ordinance to ask for proof that the person is here legally if the officers have “reasonable suspicion” that the person is not a citizen or legal visitor
– Businesses that hire illegal immigrants can be shut down.
– Most government transactions, documents and meetings would be in English. The state would shut down their Spanish language portal and printing forms, ballots in other languages
-The state will bill to Congress for reimbursement of all costs for undocumented residents in Indiana.
-No financial aid, scholarships or grants for education at U of I and would have to pay out of state tuition.  (Note: I’m not exactly sure what this means…I’ll get more info and clarify)
– Cities and counties would be barred from limiting the enforcement of federal immigration laws.( No Sanctuary Cities)

I’m doing as much research as I can on this, so that I can respond appropriately to the haters.  In the meantime, please read up on this yourselves.  I’ve included the Indy Star as well as the link above, but finding the original press release and a copy of the bill itself is proving a bit difficult for me, especially with my hectic schedule and stress-load.  If any of you have any info or links, post them in the comments and I will post them here.

Secondly I urge all of you (especially you Hoosiers out there) to sign this petition from dreamactivist.org calling for a stop to this bill.  If you don’t think you have the right or resources to fight this, please please PLEASE try to get in contact with someone who you think does.


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