Insanity Vs. Insanity: Why Richard Simmons is my Weapon-of-Choice


I woke up this morning ready to exercise.  I wasn’t in the mood for yoga.  I wanted to bop around and groove and have fun, but get a legitimate work out at the same time.  I didn’t want to be discouraged by uberfit zombie-fitness models doing their routines fifty times better than I could and not working up a sweat or losing that plastered-on smile.  I wanted guidance, and a challenge.  I didn’t want to walk to the gym on a cold January morning.  I didn’t want to pay a lot of money.

Who did I turn to?  Richard Simmons.

Here I come to save the daaaay!!!!

Back in the day, when my little sister and I were in need of someone as hype as we were- we would call upon the power of Sweatin’ to the Oldies 2 on VHS.  We would sing and dance to “Big girls don’t cry” along with all the different folks of all different ages, races, body types, and sexual orientations.  And it was tough for two kids under six to last the however long that video was (an hour?  Two?  It felt like forever), but it was fun and we certainly burned off a lot of energy.

But once the family switched to DVD it was over- poor Richard and his jazzercizing rainbow coalition were doomed to the recesses of the garage.

But here, now, in the depths of winter and depression, I must call upon him again.  Richard will help me rejuvenate my soul.

You and me all the way, baby.

Contrast that to P90X, which is the exercise method ala mode for many of my friends.  It involves muscle confusion, which means your muscles get so confused by all the different exercise you’re doing they have no choice but to bulk up really fast.


hard bodies are hard-core



It seems really effective, and I’d definitely enjoy working out with my friends, but I don’t know.  Perhaps it’s just my personality that I’d prefer doing this to this every day.

Anywho, I ordered Sweatin’ to the Oldies 2 off of Amazon for ten bucks.  And a couple of my friends have invited me to do P90x with them sometime.  So I’ll try these two and compare.

Let’s see if the combo can make me a hard-body with a soft heart.


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