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Happy MLK day, everyone!  I’ve got the day off, and am taking the time to contemplate how to help accomplish the dream.

Here’s some interesting posts I found this weekend:

“‘Young people have a resilience, and with intervention, it can be life changing,’ he says.

Even so, Kay says college mental health programs are typically overwhelmed with the numbers of students needing help. And while there are mental health counselors, he notes that most schools have psychiatrists available only a few hours a week — a dire shortage of specialized help in such a time of great need, he says. And many schools have experienced recent budget cuts in mental health programs.”

This is amazing.  I don’t know what it means for me, as I don’t know about our papers or if we’re freedmen, but it’s an important moment legitimizing the struggle to be counted, regardless of whether or not you “look” NA enough. -MG

“In the decision Friday, Cherokee Nation District Court Judge John Cripps wrote that the post-Civil War treaty signed by the Cherokee Nation and the U.S. government specifically addressed the status of freedmen — former slaves who had been owned by tribal members. The treaty provided that freedmen and their descendants “shall have all the rights of native Cherokees,” Cripps wrote.”

Read more:

“Not many people know about Dr. Seuss’ only film, The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T. The 1953 movie musical was a flop, but thanks to special screenings and cable-TV airings, it’s earned a small but devoted following.

Among them: singer Michael Feinstein, who’s such a fan of the movie that he spent the past 30 years gathering every scrap of music ever recorded for it — enough material to fill three CDs. And now, 57 years after its premiere, the definitive soundtrack of this kooky cult classic has finally been released.”

And Finally…

BAHAHAHAHAHA.  This is what I want the show I’m in to look like.



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