New Year’s Resolutions


Hello again Cyberfriends~

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had lovely holiday and new years celebrations and are ready to start the year off on the right foot.  I sure am! 

My lovely friend S came to stay with me and my family over the break, and we had a great time.  Didn’t get to hang out much around town, but we certainly got to rest which was important and I think very necessary for the both of us.  But with the cookbook I got her for Christmas she made bagels!

It was nice being home with family and friends and dog.  Even bumming around with them is awesome, because we make so much of our own fun that just hanging out becomes a mini-party.  Bookstore field-trip:  WOO!  Movie night in: YEAH!  Watching batman beyond on TV: FUTERISTIC DANCE PARTY!  I wish I had more time to spend with them.

But now I’m back at school for my final winter term project.  For the next two months I’ll be rehearsing a new musical called Jerusalem of Gold.  I’ll attach an article I wrote about it soon which should explain quite a bit about the project, but other than that I can’t tell you much.  Copyright issues, you know? 

It’s pretty nerve-wracking- I’ve got a major role in this show, but I’m not confident in my singing abilities OR my dancing.  Plus it’s someone’s baby- I’m friends with the author, and this show is pretty personal to him.  The show is garnering a lot of attention already- it could go far if we do well, and I definitely trust the production team to include us in the success (I’ve had issues with that before).  Exciting?  Yes.  But the pressure’s definitely on. 

I have to believe in myself if I’m going to pull this off.

Which brings us to the topic of New Year’s Resolutions.  Do you guys like them?  I always forget until the last minute and then get either too vague or too specific.  But it’s definitely important to take stock of what the last year entailed, and to use that to make goals for your future.  It’s also important to post your resolutions somewhere in the open, so you won’t forget or chicken out and “forget” they’re there.  The internet is a good idea.  I’ll go first:

Mieko Gavia’s New Years Resolutions (in no specific order)

1.)To be a better friend, sister, daughter by learning how to love better and more freely

2.) To learn to love myself

3.)  To learn how to ask for what I want

4.) To be stronger in the face of rejection- including the fear of rejection or failure

5.) To improve upon my cooking skills (I’m working on this now- I’m cooking for myself this month, and even made a tasty potato-tomato dish for dinner today)

6.) To learn how to protect myself physically and mentally from all sorts of poison

7.) To become better in tune with my body through exercise, proper eating/sleeping, and self-esteem building (Again, something I’m working on- I’m taking a body knowledge/re-alignment class, as well as a self-esteem and body appreciation workshop, and have decided to exercise 5 hours a week)

8.)To make time to do the things I love- not just the things I have to do  (This includes making time to WRITE, READ, and ACT after I graduate)

9.) To get a full-time job (Please God, Please God, Please!)

10.) To better understand this crazy little thing called love

That’s basically it.  Altogether this year was good.  Japan, my play, meeting my relatives, so many good times with people I love, and slowly learning to love myself!  It was certainly a roller-coaster, and some things about 2010 I’d rather not repeat (like financial problems).  But I’m going to go running forward into 2011, graduate, and set my sites on living and loving as a member of the general workforce!


What are your resolutions this year?

Love, Mieko


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