October, October


I have a new computer, and I’m thinking of a name.  But the work is still slow-goings, because I’m sad.

I always get sad this time of year- sometimes it’s boy-related, sometimes it isn’t.  But this time of year always seems to hold bad news for me, and when bad news comes it tends to come in droves and exactly when everyone is already very busy.  Perhaps it’s got something to do with the harvest moon.  Perhaps it’s just the change in the weather.  Perhaps it’s just a buildup of stress from the beginning of the school year.  Whatever it is, I’m tired deep-down.  Deeper than bone-tired, but sleep can’t fix me.

There were a lot of fun events this weekend- Kathakali, Blues Dancing, a Reconstruction-era Macbeth- but every fun thing that I did was spun through with a note of sadness.  We had a fabulous lunch with fabulous leftovers, but as soon as I got back to the house a new situation arose and dealing with that stressed me out again.

Plus, it doesn’t help that at least once a week I get stared at or yelled at by some jerks in passing cars.  Sometimes it’s sexual but lately I’ve heard slurs (remember the last time I talked about it?).  I shouldn’t be apprehensive about walking down my street on the way to class.

Anyway, time to do some homework.  Hopefully this week will lighten up.




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