Thank Goodness for ethernet cables


And for other small things that make my life a bit easier.  My computer is STILL not identifying wireless networks, but luckily Asaki has an extra cable she’s letting me use.

Okay, so down to the nitty gritty.  This past week (the weekend especially) was awesome.  Earlier, it seemed to be heading rapidly downhill.  Facilities had decided to do yard-work on Monday, which sent my sinuses into freak-out mode, and so I had to miss class. On Wednesday I discovered that not only had my loan not come through for financial aid, but that both my co-op bill and my rent were overdue and needed to be paid ASAP.  On Thursday, the pizza dough maker discovered grubs in the bags of flour, which meant no crust and therefore no pizza.  And I was certain that boy-I-like (hereafter referred to as Tollhouse) was not interested in me as even a friend!

The weekend changed everything.  Thursday I stopped by the office of communications and formally accepted a freelance editor position at the alumni magazine!  I get paid about $35 dollars per story, and already have several assignments as well as an official press pass.  I also got an email in my inbox asking for times I could come in and work at my old job, the MAD* Factory.  And THEN I got mail in my snailmail box- a refund check from the college!  This helped me pay off some of my bills- I made phone calls and was able to postpone other payments, so right now (even though the loan STILL hasn’t gone through…grr…) I’m doing okay financially.

Friday I was able to get most of my errands done, and even though it was hot as blazes, and I was riding Sanjana’s crazy-tiny bike that cramped my thighs and hurt my butt and made me look like a clown, and I crashed my bike into two girls because Sanjana’s crazy-clown bike lacks hand breaks and requires me to backpedal to stop it–I was okay.  And I got a lot of work done, and met with my adviser to find out how to ensure my last year goes smoothly.  And for dinner we had the best lasagna ever, since it was made with all the ingredients the pizza cooks weren’t able to put on a pie.  Eggplant, and spinach, and tons of mozzarella, and tomatoes…I swear I channeled Nigella Lawson that evening.  Pure foodgasm.  Then, after a brief and confusing Skype conversation in Japanese with Asaki’s mom, I went to a dance in the bandstand at the center of campus.

Let me preface this by saying that I had only blues danced twice before Friday night, and those times only briefly–but after Friday night I was in love.  I’d never been into partner dancing before, and was honestly never that good at it, but blues is so similar to the way that I move and dance naturally.  I just had to give it a name and work on listening to my partner’s body, which after a bit of practice, I think I do pretty well.  I danced all night, until my stomach hurt, until my feet were swollen, until I couldn’t stop swinging my hips if I tried.  It was brilliant….I also got to dance with Tollhouse a couple of times, and it made my chest pound and my head spin.  Sanjana and I walked home that night wincing at our poor feet and singing “I could have danced all night,” which was totally true.

Saturday I attended a delicious dinner party at Mariko’s house, and then helped my friend out with his play- he’s writing a hip-hop/pop musical about Ethiopian Jews in Israel.  Pretty cool, huh?  And I got to play one for a staged reading!

Sunday sucked, as did today, but I’m not going to get into that.  This week is going to be a long one, that’s for sure. (T-T)

Here’s something to look forward to though- I’m going to New York for Fall Break!  Updates on that later, but my friends and I are definitely planning on going dancing, which means I’ll need to buy proper dancing shoes.

Finally, we’ve had a pretty intense co-op discussion- someone (0r someones) wants all pork outlawed in the coop for religious reasons, and a lot of people are pretty upset about it.  I wrote down my thoughts on this and emailed it to my favorite blog,  I’ll post a copy of that email under another post, in order to keep this one from being tl;dr.

Okay, gotta do work.  Hopefully this week will go well.  Pleeeeeeaaaasssseee?!


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