In other news(?), I am weird


Sooooo, this week has been very very strange for several reasons.  There are too many here for me write about in a regular format, plus I’m jacked up on my housemate’s AMAZING COFFEE.  Since I have temporary ADHD, here’s a list:

1.I watched myself on TV on Thursday, in my Acting for the Camera class.  And yes, it is totally PAINFULLY true that the camera adds ten pounds- especially on film.  It was a painful experience for everyone.

2. We chose groups for our first acting project.  I was chosen last, and only after the director looked all around the room at everyone else but me, and then when our teacher reminded him I was there he said “um…well…okay.”  (T-T)  I know he didn’t mean to be rude, but I felt like I was picked last in dodge ball, or something.

3.When one other director said he was unsure about having two actors in his scene about siblings, since one is white and one is black, I piped up and said:  “Well my older sister’s like that, and there’s nothing wrong with it!”  Perhaps a little too testily.  I was half-joking, since Sybil does look white but I wasn’t all that offended, but everyone got really awkward for a second.  Love you, Sybil!!!  BFSFL!!!

4.I was stretching in class the other day, minding my own business, and all of a sudden I look over to my left and this guy waggles his eyebrows at me.  Whaa?

5…..too awkward to put on this blog, but if I were to put it in Clue ™ terms it would be: Colonel Mieko in the library with the stripper pole.  Sigh, I’m such a complete dork when it comes to dealing with my crushes…

6. After much frustration, I finally fixed(ish) my used bicycle at the bike co-op.  The co-op is a fantastic place depending on whose helping (my helpers today included a girl named Stella and a pair of incredibly hunky twin brothers!).  I entered with holey tires and untouchable handlebars, and left riding my too-small, uber ghettofabulous bicycle: complete with rusty chain, tiny lavender frame, electrical-taped handlebars and tires, AND dollar bill/reciept patching.  I will put up pictures on facebook in a day or two, I swear.  But, on the bright side, it helps me pray more often, and I appreciate life so much more when I get off of it.

7.We got a vaccum!  And wireless internet! Which isn’t weird, but awesome.

8.Thursday was the first rehearsal for my show.  It’s always awkward when you hear others reading your words aloud, but this made me want to turn red and hide myself under the nearest rock.  The racy scenes especially had the cast and crew in stitches- certain things don’t translate well in mere words.  Let’s just say it was awkrotic.  I was ready to tell everyone to go home and forget everything while I buried myself beneath a rock in Tappan, but it turns out that despite the crappy script, people are impressed and pleased with what I’ve done and am doing.   Both outside cast/crew and inside it, people are giving me a vote of confidence.  It keeps me going sometimes.

9. I keep bumping into my crush.  Nuff’ said.

10.  I blues danced last night!  There was an impromptu party outside, and I danced a number with one of my friends.  Even though I’m afraid of partner dancing, this was incredibly fun, in part because it’s slower and has more time for grooving (I like to groove!).  If I didn’t have my play, I would do that in a second.

11.  This one’s sad:  Asaki (my housemate) and I were walking home together yesterday, when a group of boys drove by in their car and shouted at us.  One boy (he doesn’t deserve the title of man) leaned out the window and said “F*cking monkey go home,”  Then they drove away.  This isn’t the first time this has happened to me here, and my friends have had similar stories, which makes me sad.  I’m not really angry at those boys- they were probably bored, angry, and wanting to blame someone- but I was disappointed and bummed out the rest of the evening.  Are these kids really so desperate for attention, adrenaline, etc. that they have to make others’ lives miserable?  I try not to let those words hurt me, since they were obviously an attempt to rile me, but at the same time it’s dehumanizing to hear them, and saddening to know how long a way our country has to go for people to understand basic principles like: “Yelling racial slurs isn’t funny, and doesn’t help anybody.”

Anyway, my caffiene is wearing off so I’m going to take a short nap.  I’ll fill you in on more things once I remember them.   Like today’s Doggie-Doo annual Dog fair, where my heart exploded from so much adorableness. Goodnight!



P.S.  This marks my 50th post on this site!  WooHoo!


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  1. I saw you at that blues dance! At first I thought it was you, and then my brain was like, “nah, it’s probably not, plus those leaves over there look pretty!” so I kept walking.

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