Back and better than ever!


It’s the first day of class, and my re-integration to that crazy land of Hippie/Nerds is going splendidly.  I don’t know why I was so nervous about coming back here- despite the renovations, the missing, graduated, and abroad friends, not much has changed.  And even though I have, I still fit within this place I love.  Sanjana: Still lovely!  Warner: Still old and artsy!  Co-op lentils:  Still bland and mushy!  It’s almost like I never left…almost…

My new house is fun.  I’m living with a great bunch of girls, and we all get along very well.  I’ve got a big blue room that I’m nearly finished decorating, and a shower that sings if you’re in it too long (a built-in shower timer?).  Students who’ve lived there before have left their dishes and furniture, so we’re fully furnished and stocked with detergents and dishes and cleaning supplies.  The only problem is that the house is crooked.  The door frames are crooked, and the windows are crooked, and the floors are crooked.  Even the stove is crooked- which makes cooking omelets difficult if not impossible.  We’re trying to work out how to best deal with it, and it’s got a really fun character, but at times I feel like I have vertigo.

Anyway, I’m off to dinner.  Our internet is getting installed on Thursday, so expect one post per-week AT LEAST from then on.  Yay!


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