This is the start (of something new)!


First off, a disclaimer:  I in no way endorse HSM as a good movie- it is 1:35 AM, and I am tired and slightly slap-happy.  But do you wanna know why?

Because here, at the end of August, there are so many beginnings waiting for me!  I always consider the start of a school year just as important as the start of a calendar year.  The former has always held more tangible change for me anyway. Although its concept which will soon become outdated for me, here’s a breakdown of fresh starts:

Already, one new treasure has come into my life:  my new cousin Keiko Alexandria Knight.  She was born this morning, and is absolutely the most ADORABLE thing I have ever seen.  She looks like my cousin Solomon, but smaller, and a girl, and with lots and lots of hair- even though she was just born this morning! My heart was about to explode with squishy-baby-infused love.

Secondly, I am headed back to school on Friday and it is kindof freaking me out.  I’ve been off-campus for a semester, and have been away from some of my friends for an entire year!  Plus, I’m living in a house!  There’s so much space and responsibility in renting a house- I’m a bit overwhelmed with this, not to mention all the packing I’ve got to do before Friday.

Then there’s what I’ve been complaining talking about all summer- my play.  Draft 3 is very close to being complete, which will be just in time, as Heather (my director), the production crew, and I have to start serious discussions THIS WEEKEND, not to mention auditions which will be next weekend!  I can’t believe my writing is about to reach such an important stage (no pun intended), and that people are actually giving me money and school credit to put this on.  It’s a lot of pressure.  I want to prove that I’m worthy of the title “writer,” that I’m good enough to continue on with my dream even though I’m not a Creative Writing major.  I want people to look at this play and understand my situation a little better, and hopefully raise awareness in the issues I talk about.  It’s been my dream for the past year.

I’ve grown so much as a person over this last semester.  I’m more confident, more outspoken, and more responsible.  And I guess I’ll need that to get through this, my last year in Oberlin *tears up.*  As much as I’m ready to go out in the world, it’s terrifying to know that after this lies the great unknown of post-grad life.  Annalise and I were talking about it today: school is pretty much all we’ve ever known.  What happens next is a huge mystery.  I want to make a life in NYC, I want work on my careers of writing and acting, I want *blush* a nice relationship, and I want to feel comfortable in my skin, no matter where I am, what I’m doing, or who I’m with.  As long as I continue to work on the latter, maybe this school year could be the start of all these things- or at least show me ways I can get to them.

Also, my writing tends to flourish when I’m multitasking, so expect to see more blog posts from here on out.  I will be a very busy girl, after-all.



p.s. New/old Facebook photos of my time in Okinawa!


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