I thought y’all should see this…


it’s a breakdown of gender, race, and top billing at paramount pictures, which you all know is one of (if not the) largest production companies in the U.S. (if not the) world.  Anyway, it’s a major player and the numbers shown here paint a pretty grim picture of my odds and adds an explanation as to why I’m currently more worried about the “acting” side of my career than the “writing” side.  Writers can and do run the gamut of age (and even though there are race/gender/class disparities in authors, for the large part I won’t be seen), but women tend to have a harder time breaking into the industry the older they are, and I’d like to have age on my side at least, since I’m already fighting an uphill battle in terms of race, gender, socioeconomic status*, and body type**.

For more on this subject, click here, here, here, and here for race and acting and here, here, and here for race and writing.  Also, click here for ageism and acting, and here for an essay on -isms in general (not classism though, this article is a bit classist) and screenwriting (which, since it’s the basis for most movies, envelops writing and acting as well as directing and other forms of production).

p.s. I would love it if everyone would take the time to fill out my Johari and Nohari windows (see the links section on the right hand side).  It’s self-serving, I know, but I’d be interested to see the results.

* I include socioeconomic status because, while many many artists come from underprivileged backgrounds and while I do have quite a bit of privilege, neither myself nor my parents have the ability to pay for being a jobless artist.  But I’m not (yet) a starving one…I could go for some toast though…

**I’m on the low side of what the fashion industry determines as “plus-sized,” though honestly as an active and considerably healthy girl, I think the fashion industry standards can suck it.


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  1. If it’s in God’s plan for you to become an actress or a writer, it will happen despite what this article states.
    On another note in regards to this article, why are “we” influenced by Hollywood when it’s not even a representation of us.

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