Good Dog


I finally did it.  I’ve finished the first draft of my play,  and while it has a long way to go before it’s stageworthy, I’m excited and proud that it’s gotten this far.  It’s my first real dramatic play, and boy is it dramatic:  It has mystery, suspense, romance, gunplay, swordfights, swordfish, boobs, boobs, boobs, EXPLOSIONS! and, of course, me making up random lists to mess with you.  It actually has only a few of these things- but I won’t tell you which ones 😛

But I have to say it’s a humongous relief to get this far.  This was the one of the most difficult pieces I’ve ever had to write.  It deals intimately with depression and its catalysts and effects, something I know of only too well.  I started writing Dog last year, as a way to work through my depression, and so the ending and beginning came at very different emotional times in my life.  I’m doing a lot better (so no need to worry), and as a result the ending is a lot more hopeful than originally planned, but the tone is uneven.  That’s the biggest thing to work on- tone and pacing, but with the help of my faithful friends/editors (you’ll be receiving your scripts soon!) it should turn out all right.

As for that audition I told you about- it was kindof a sham.  I went to the mall with Tani and I signed up, but the only thing they had me do was say a few sentences “The American Mall Model Search is my one-stop-shopping headquarters for stepping out in style!”, walk and pose on the catwalk, and that was it!  There were twenty contestants that day, including two one-year-olds, and only four people were not selected for the finals.  Those of us who made the finals had to pay 150 dollars minimum to get a photo shoot (15 poses), and the right to compete for a one-year contract.  But because I a) am not a sucker, b) not a poor sucker, and c) one year of college divided by a one year contract equals FAIL, I decided to pass it up.  But the judges gave me good reviews, and it was good practice facing my fears (not to mention facing possible scam artists), so I’m glad I did it.  It was heartening to know that I could get strangers to believe in me!  A man in the audience patted me on the shoulder, smiled at me, and told me I’d win.  It gave me supreme courage and confidence!!!

In other news, I got a haircut a few days ago.  I was going for this but my hair was too something-or-other, and so it turned out more like this, only with more hair.  Turns out the extra inch or two of damaged hair I had was the only thing keeping my hair from floating off into space, and once they were removed-Snip!-they floated right off my shoulders.  It’s cute, i’ll admit but I kinda miss that length, and I’ve only had three real haircuts before so I’m not used to it.

Anyway, I’m off to study Spanish and work on this play.  Write you later!


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  1. your real style photo didn’t work. I don’t know if you tried this, but if you twist your hair wet, let it dry and then finger curl it, it might come close to the style you want.

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