Ghost of Child’s past…


So Hanako finally relented and went to Toy Story 3 with me today.  This is a(n(?)) historic event because, being the older sister, It is near impossible to bug her into doing what I want.  Sybil, fine- but Hanako is difficult.

Anyway, it was pretty good!  I laughed, I cried, I gasped out loud in the theater- all in all it was a pleasant way to spend an hour and a half.  It made me a bit sad though, to think about all the old toys I’ve left behind.  Hanako and I were pretty attached to our toys back-in-the-day.  We had complex family histories and relationships, and I even adopted some of them as my own!  Or…birthed some of them in the brief relationship I had with my now ex-imaginary husband, Henry. ..Don’t ask.  Now many of them are off to new homes, while quite a few are packed in the garage and my favorites and my collectible things are chilling in my room right now.  Perhaps they’re waiting to be played with.  Perhaps they miss being held as much as they used to.  Perhaps they’d rather be given to someone who’d play with them more than I.  I sure hope they don’t… I also hope that they don’t pay attention to the kinds of conversations I have with my roommate late at night or the kinds of books I read…their innocent minds…


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  1. So what were your favorite toys. Mine was the Chrissy doll with hair that you could make longer by pushing in a button on her belly button. You made it shorter by the winding know in her back. Your Auntie Kazi made doll clothes for her. She was bigger than the Barbie doll.
    By the way, I haven’t taken Daniel to see the movie, he was supposed to go with his Aunt Dianna this weekend, but he’s going to camp. Hm, I might have to take him and see it.

  2. Stop thinking about your toys! They’re inanimate!

    (But I know exactly how you feel. After I saw it, I looked at my Beanie Babies and the few Barbies I’ve kept and wondered if I shouldn’t give them to one of the many small children I know… I’ll never understand the psyche of my dolls…)

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