Back and Ready for Action!


Hello dear Cyberfriends- it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’ve been back in the States since the 31st, which makes it a week today.  The goodbyes were sad, the flight was HORRIBLE- screaming babies and I was sitting on the wing of the plane the entire flight the entire way, but despite all that I am home and working on overcoming jetlag.

I’ve been pretty moody lately, which usually happens when I come home from a long trip (like when I get back from school).  Sometimes I’m really happy and touchey-feeley, and sometimes I just want to be by myself and sleep.  I can’t get enough of food here and at the same time I really miss Japanese food.  It takes some getting used to but I think I’ll be up and ready to do regular things starting tomorrow.

Most of this week was spent looking for a job.  I put in tons of online applications and inquiries, but so far only one bite-Indiana’s Citizen’s Action Coalition: a nonprofit consumer advocate/environmental group.  I like the idea of working for them, and the pay is good, but I’d have to do canvassing five days a week for eight hours a day!  I enjoy walking but at the same time I have a less-than-perfect hip so all that walking is… and plus Mom and Dad aren’t thrilled about me going door-to-door.  Seems they think I’ll be abducted or something.

Ah well, I need to get back to work on my play.  The temporary computer moratorium was definitely tough on my play-writing goals, so it’s going to be a little difficult to get on that horse again.


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