Computer troubles and all the other stuff I need to tell you


So, after a not-so-long and okay life my power cable has died, leaving my lovely laptop temporarily dead as well.  Apparently they don’t sell Dell (or anything that works with Dell) in Japanese stores, and when I called Dell Japan they said my computer’s too old to work with any of the cords they have in-stock, so I’m laptop-less until I get home.  I’m writing this from the computer lab at school.

I should be studying for my finals, but I haven’t written in a while so I’ll update everyone first on Japan and then get down to the annoying business of studying.

First off, golden week was awesomely exhausting.  First off, I hung out with my relatives on the weekend.  My cousin Tami is really nice, and her husband and daughter Mai are hilarious and energetic.  Mai plays piano, loves pokemon, and talks alot.  And also, she’s got a  birthmark on her leg that I’m pretty sure someone else in our family has.  Sybil?  Mom?  Hanako?  I’m not sure, but check your calves.

We went to a Japanese garden, and a bike playground, and a mountain, and some restaurants.  The bike playground was my favorite, even though I couldn’t go in (I was too old)- there were all kinds of crazy bikes: rabbit bikes that hopped, eggplant bikes, heart-shaped bikes, dolphin bikes, old-school cars run by bike-power, bicycles built for three, bikes where the rider sat inside a giant globe or an elephant, or pedaled their friend on a platform (whose friend was himself pedaling on a platform in a circle), even butt-powered bikes, where you hopped up and down on the seat and THAT powered the bike.  It was amazing!  Like Dr. Seuss+Miyazaki amazing!

I went to a beach in Kobe with some friends, got oggled at by some teenage-boys, and saw the longest suspention-bridge in the world.  The water was too cold to go in, but I did get to lay on the beach and stare at magazines of Japanes Celebrities!

The next day, Alexis and I went to a club in Shinsaibashi.  Well, two- to be exact.  The first one’s Reggae night was…lacking.  No one was dancing,so we hopped over to another one in America-town, and THAT was amazing.  I’m not quite built for all-night partying though, and I lost my SD card for my camera, so my family photos are gone 😦  Luckily cousin Tami took a bunch of photos, so she’ll send them to me and I’ll send them to you.

After the night’s festivites, I wanted to take a LOOOONG nap- but I had a ten page paper to finish (yay?). 

The next week I had a seven page paper to do, but the night before it was due my power-cord died.  I had to write out my report by hand, and on my way to school the next morning I was pooped on by a bird and saw a dead fox that almost made me retch.  Then one of my guy friends randomly bit me on the arm!  It was a weird day indeed, but at least I managed to get my paper done, turn in my lease contract for housing next year, and recieved a letter saying that my honors project (remember?  the play I’m writing?) is APPROVED and is going up in NOVEMBER!!!  YAY!

So, all in all an interesting few weeks.  Tomorrow I’m going out with cousin Tami and her sister, my cousin and namesake Mieko, to dinner!  Will let you know how that goes- but for now I’ve got to study.

(whew, that was a lot to cover…)


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  1. Wow, you are busy!! I know you will have a great time with Tani and Mieko. Can’t wait to hear about it.

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