Wind of the Ryukyu: Mieko’s Okinawa trip (diary exerpt)


Okinawa feels like magic.  It reminds me of “Totoro” or “Ponyo” or even “Mononoke”- the nature around here is breathtaking.  It’s hard to believe this place was bombed flat during the war.  The trees are so tall, yet most of them are (I’m guessing) so young.  I really enjoy traveling around with my friends…perhaps I’m a little TMI, but that’s because I’ve been so lonely.  I hope they aren’t too annoyed with me.

It’s difficult to figure out how best to buy souvenir.  I forgot that I need to go to the ninja village and Hiroshima as well.  So, I think I’ll leave half of my shopping (at most) there.  Also, there’s one more flea market, so I can’t go too overboard.  There are so many people to buy presents for (sigh)…

This is such a beautiful island- even the way the rust and dirt have worn into the buildings is beautiful.  I wish I could eat more Okinawan food, but sadly my traveling companions aren’t really into that, it seems.

I see the Shisa on every gate-post and doorway and wonder-did my grandma have these in front of her house?  Did she love the beach?  Did she live in Naha or visit?  I saw a book of Ryukyu fairy tales in an old bookstore by the train station.  I wonder if Grandma told them to mom…

We’re going to visit the caves.   I wonder if she hid in them…must ask cousin Tami where exactly she lived and at what times*.

The immediate relatives are going to want something from Okinawa , of course- what to get, what to get…

If I could stay here and write, this would be paradise…

*Tami is one of my relatives in Japan.  She lives in Osaka, yet we’ve never met.  I mustered enough courage to call her, and we’re going to meet sometime after Easter.  I’m incredibly excited!


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  1. Thanks for the links to Wiki…It helps with the details that don’t really fit in your post. Keep up your wonderful writing…I always look forward to new posts.

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