Wind of the Ryukyu: Mieko’s Okinawa Trip (preface)


So, I’m back from Okinawa with lots of stories to tell.  While I’m glad that I didn’t bring my computer along, it definitely would have made my life a lot easier-I came back to tons and tons of emails crowding my inbox, taxes, financial aid, and FAFSA to do, as well as two project proposals; all of which must be complete before the 15th!!!  It’s hard running your life on two continents simultaneously- but back to my original point…

Because I didn’t have my computer and because I have so much to tell I will be posting the past weeks adventures over the next few days while simultaneously updating you on current happenings.  Should be interesting.

The work starts tomorrow.  In the meantime, here are some links about Okinawa:

Ryujin Mabuyer (Think a Power Ranger in Okinawa)

Okinawa Eisa Folk Dancing (Taiko, only cooler!)

Okinawa Folk Tales

Shima Uta (Okinawa Islands Song) Every store blasts this song, and it’s included in many “Best of Okinawa music” CDs.  According to my friend Tiffany, who lived in Naha from age 6-10, every kid had to learn it in school as well.

More will be posted later, of course.  The first half of my pictures are on my friend’s computer as well, so they might take a while to upload but rest assured- I have lots and lots.

Until tomorrow,



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    I loved it! It’s totally power rangers, but with a local touch… it’s like having the Indiana Justice League or something… but I guess ours would be fending off the evil non-corn loving industrialists or the beech tree bug. Not nearly as exciting.

    It’s also fun because ABC is now reshowing some of the oldies, vintage 90’s power rangers. (OUR PRs). It’s cute. I watched some yesterday, and this is the same alley. I love the cheese!

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