The Beast…


I went a little crazy this weekend.  Super karaoke-thon, shop-till-you-drop, separation anxiety crazy.  Here is an elaboration:

1. Super Karaoke-Thon:  My friends and I decided to go to karaoke- again.  And while I was originally tired of spending hours in a dark closet with smoke, loud music, and tone-deaf singing pumped into my face, this time I ended up rediscovering my love of this pastime.  We were there for six hours singing every song that popped into our heads (I even hit that absurd high-note in Heartbreaker *for you, Tani*), and I came out completely refreshed and ready to sing my lungs out all weekend.  Which, so far, I have been.

2. separation anxiety: I came home late for dinner Friday, and found all the lights off.  A plate of sushi was waiting on the table for me, but other than that the house was spotless and empty.  I checked everywhere (which isn’t hard- our house is tiny) but no one was home- strange indeed.  Manami may be out, but Okasan is always home, as are Otosan and Naoki.  Otosan’s car was in the driveway, so I figured they couldn’t be too far away but when I called his cell phone no one answered.

I got nervous, then angry. Thoughts flew through my head, snowballing into a boulder of paranoia and angst: The ONE time they decide to go out, I have to come home late for dinner…How DARE they leave me alone… Why can’t I find the stupid SOY SAUCE!!! I paced around the house, looking for an excuse to do something reckless, like rip up someone’s homework, eat their shoes, or pee on the carpet.  (Side note: I suddenly realize how my dog feels when I go away to school (T_T) )  That was when I opened the microwave and discovered frozen beef sitting in there.  It meant that Okasan had meant to stick around and fix dinner, but something had interrupted her.  My brain went into panic mode: What happened?  Did something happen to Otosan?? Is her father ok???  What do I do??? I frantically called Otosan, Naoki, Mariko- anyone I could think of– and then Okasan came in, smiling.

“I went to take out the recycling, but it was heavier than I thought so it took me a while.  While I was out I decided to buy Naoki some shirts for work.  Do you like them?”

Manami came home a few minutes later.  I felt really stupid, and even more stupid when Okasan, then Mariko, and then Naoki called back and I had to explain what happened.  I blame this whole experience on hormones.

Shop-till-you-drop: Spring break has brought too many occasions to shop, and so…I have a skirt, a pair of socks, a vintage sweater, a kimono, and 3 happi (kimono Jackets).  I am also out 60 usd for these things, not including dinner and karaoke on Saturday, and the field trip to several temples today which adds another 30 dollars.  And I haven’t even left for break yet!  Oh dear oh dear oh dear.  The problem is- I intended to buy the happi as souvenirs for people at home, but now I realize they might not fit/be good colors for people!  Oh dear oh dear oh dear…

Hopefully, my craziness dims down somewhat by tomorrow because I’m going to OKINAWAAAAAA!!!!!  The plane leaves at 3pm tomorrow, and my friends and I get back at 3pm on Saturday.  Until then I’ll be MIA from the internet (I’m leaving the laptop behind), so don’t freak out (like I did) if I don’t answer your call/email/whatever.  I will bring back loads of pictures, stories, and omiage (souvenirs) for you all though, so stay tuned for next week!

Jyaa, matta ne!


p.s. (as amended from a message sent to Sanjana-which is why they won’t let me un-bold it) I got free treats this weekend too: my friends and I went to this Indian restaurant for lunch, and the owner let us try his new invention: Azuki Naan! Strange combo, but nonetheless delicious. Also, I got a cookie from a cute Argentenian on the bus 🙂 I said “man, I’m hungry” and he pulled these wafers out of his backpack and said “I have tangerines too.” I see what Anna and Sanjana have/had to deal with, and am impressed at their fortitude these cookie-wielding Argentinian men sure are smooth.


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