I’m Hot Blooded, Check it won’t you- I got a fever of 102!


This weekend was by far the worst I’ve had in Japan.  I’d been feeling increasingly icky, sluggish, and stiff this week but Thursday I woke up feeling really stiff, which even an extra-long shower wouldn’t cure.  I ended up heading over halfway to school before deciding to go home, which made it an entire hour of walking in the cold feeling like my legs were going to fall off.  By the time I got home I had begun shivering violently and everything was hurting like crazy.  My gums hurt, my fingers hurt, my skin hurt from touching my clothes.  I collapsed into bed and alternately slept and moaned until dinnertime.

Okasan had made a tasty looking stew-type thing and rice, but I was too sick to eat it.  I went to the bathroom and collapsed next to the sink for what felt like forever- I felt like I was going to explode, and I could hear this “wooosh woosh” in my ears that I swore was the Universe singing to me.  Yup, I was that out of it.

SO- I pull myself off the floor, alert the fam and we’re off to the hospital.  It was a nice trip, actually.  I remember hearing this song in the car that sounded like a super remix of Neil Armstrong scats, and I would have asked what it was had I not been so partially conscious.  As the hospital doors slid open, Okasan and Naoki grabbed my arms to steady me, and in my haze I remember the thrill and comfort of a human touch.  It remains the longest touch I have had in this country.

As the doors wooshed open, I saw two young men sitting close together in the back huddled over a phone, but as soon as we came in one of them sprung up and began pacing around the room.  There were several old ladies there, an obviously drunk man with a limp, and a bald man waiting for who I gathered was his mother.  None of them looked particularly upset, which calmed me down a fair bit.

The hospital waiting room was small, but pretty cheery.  The nurses were even wearing that nice nurse dress and hat that you never see anyone in the States wearing anymore.   The entire trip took less than an hour and a half, and only cost like 92 American dollars so overall I’m impressed.  Okasan handled paperwork, and Naoki was my translator in the office, which was great in theory but horrible in practice-having your older brother (whom you’d only met one month before) sit there and watch doctors feel you up is NOT my idea of a good time.

We got out of there in an hour (pretty good huh?) with a bunch of pills (5 different ones PER MEAL until Wednesday) for only 91 USD.  Japanese Hospitals are great, I say.

The next few days were much less physically painful, but murder psychologically.  I was not allowed out of bed for anything besides meals and bathroom breaks, so for the most part I watched youtube videos *insert rant- Lady Gaga needs to go away and give me my Beyonce back.  Don’t pretend to be deep when you’re really just self-serving!*  I had a lot of other stuff I could do, but you know how it is when your sick-the last thing you want to do is be productive, especially when your fingers hurt.  I didn’t want to sleep, because fever dreams/dizzy dreams are stranger than usual and just plain not restful.  I had this one dream that started out really normally- a family gets into a car- but then the car hit another car and began to roll in the air…for five minutes…I woke up nauseous.

Anyway, I’m doing better now- Okasan and I went to the library and I’m playing catch-up with my homework.

Next week is the DREADED MIIIIDTERRRMSSS!!!! AAAHHHH! Also, my frantic attempts to finish and turn in all my forms before I leave for Spring break, as that will most definitely be a lost week.

Talk to you guys later-sorry for the random feel of this post.  It’s not quite up to snuff I fear, but I wrote it over the course of several days (whenever I was conscious/my computer cooperated which was not often) so…



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