Midterms are coming up (already?) so I haven’t had time to update this blog a lot.  Which is sad, because I really enjoy writing here.  I spend much of my time at school thinking about what to put on this blog, but alas-until midterms are over I won’t have much free time for you.  I’ve gotta keep up my GPA so I can get a big ol’ rebate!  I’ll still update at least once a week, and definitely be back in good form by the end of the month.

One thing that’s been bothering me is the lack of physical contact here.  I’m a touchy feeley person in a non- touchy feeley country with not so touchy feeley friends.  It makes me grumpy and sluggish sometimes, but alas alack I have no one to hug here 😦   And, as the case so often goes, the folks who probably would hug me would expect something more (I’m looking at you, creepers).  So, I shall just make good friends with my heated carpet until I get back to family.

Until the weekend, then-



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