21 Candles


b-day weekend was awesome.  I went out to dinner with Mariko, Alex, and Tiffany (Brittany disappeared), and then all of us (minus Tiff) went to Mariko’s house for cake, ice cream, and good-old-American cheese (aka Twilight).  It was a lot of fun, but unfortunately, Alex and I didn’t know that the last train home only went halfway home. We got stuck in Kuzuha, 5 stations away from my house.  Alex wanted to take a taxi, and I relented.  I got home by 2am, which was…expensive to say the least.  The next day I was supposed to meet my softball circle, but the rain canceled everything, so I stayed in my pjs and skyped home. Today I went on a field trip to several temples with my art history class.  It was raining all day, but gorgeous all the same.

My host family is the nicest ever.  They took me out to dinner last night, and then tonight when I got back from the field trip I had presents waiting.  I’ll post pictures of my latest exploits tomorrow, along with some special news.  All I can say right now is that I’m so happy I could cry.  I can barely type, actually (apologies for the hurried nature of this post.  I’ll write a more detailed one once I’ve got my thoughts together)

Love forever,



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  1. Happy B’day! We’re actually having decent weather here in Indy this weekend in honor of your 21st!! As I have said before, I love your blog. All of the emotion, excitement, fear and fun…thanks.

  2. Hi Mieko, I am so proud of you and I am glad to see you are having so many wonderful experiences. I would tell you to make the most of this adventure but you are already doing it.


    Brother David

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