Things part 2: Manami continued, and the Oni strikes again!


Manami’s homecoming brought new life to the family.  I can’t say much about it, except that she completed the gap in this house, and suddenly this kind if quiet family was bubbling over with warmth and energy.  I basked in it all evening, feeling slightly homesick.  Everyone was so happy to see her, especially Otosan.  He got the same dopey look on his face daddy gets sometimes, and she kept petting and hitting his head, just like I do sometimes.  Oh fathers- gotta love’ em!

She brought back lots of presents and pictures from Nepal, and even gave me a few gifts!  I feel a bit bad though, all the chocolate I brought for gifts is gone!  I should have had the foresight to save some for her.  Oh well…the picture books of Indiana are still around.

In other news, the oni has struck again (or in other words, I’m just as clumsy as ever)- I have a pretty bad head cold right now, but for some reason all the drug stores I’ve seen around have suddenly disappeared!  Also, my scarf got caught in the spokes of the bike today.  It’s got some tiny holes in it, and some of the fringe is missing, but we’ll see if Okasan can get the grease stains out.  Also, my backpack’s strap is ripping (I put too much in it for too long), I broke my camera, and I broke the metal hanging-thing on my new coat as I hung it up in the train-station bathroom.  The buttons are coming off too, and all the fried food and mayo I’ve been eating has upset my digestive tract. (T_T)  Leave me alone, oni!!!

Despite all this, please don’t think I’m complaining or having a really hard time.  I really am having fun here, and I’m keeping my hopes up and going on.  I’ll buy a new camera ASAP, but expect some delay in pictures.

Ok, gotta get to homework now.  Now that Manami’s home, you can expect lots more posts about family from me.



P.S. I’m watching Troy dubbed in Japanese.  It’s pretty a wierd experience, expecting to hear Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom in English and hearing Japanese instead.  Plus, the whole white-Greek-beefcake thing doesn’t sit quite well with me.  You mean to tell me there were no dark-skinned Greeks at all? Psh!

P.P.S.  Can anyone tell me how to get my skype started from the moment I turn on my computer?  I keep forgetting to turn it on, and then get sad when no one skypes me (lol).


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  1. Glad to hear that most things are going well! RIP to my camera. It served both of us well for the time it functioned and I was not very nice to it, so I’m not surpised that it took so little to brake it. I guess that’s what happens when I let three year olds play with it for the last two years…
    Anyway, for keeping Skype on, just go to the Tools tab at the top and then click on Options. In that window, under the Genreal Settings tab, you can click the thrid one down which says “Start Skype when I start Windows” and it will always keep you logged on if you have an internet connection! That way I can call you!
    I hope things continue to go well!

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