Osaka, at last!


Please forgive my horrible typos, everyone.  I am EXHAUSTED.  A 1:am, 13+ hour flight to Seoul, S. Korea (from Chicago), and then a 1 and a half hour flight at 10Am, to Japan has robbed me of my sense of time.   I departed early Sunday, and landed early Monday, all in the space of 19 hours…how’s that supposed to work? 

It’s worth it, though.  Osaka is fabulous.  It’s hard to see it now, through all the fog.  But I am positive that it will come through.  Everyone in the program seems nice too.

Now, I could tell all of you about the flight to Korea and then to Japan, and all the wonderful adventures I had and the people I met (and yes, I did meet some pretty awesome folks), and I could tell you about all the not-so-wonderful things that happen to your legs when you walk alot after finishing a 19+hour sit-a-thon, but I won’t now.  Because I am EXHAUSTED.  And it is just about 9pm.  I have been salivating at the thought of resting my head on that dorm-room futon all. day. long.  So I’ll fill ya’ll in once tomorrow (Japan, tomorrow- not American tomorrow) hits. 




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