Anticipation, Anticipaaation…


Preparation for the big trip has begun, and is picking up steam.  I had no idea how much preparation went into a trip like this- but I should have known better.  My mother (love you mom!) can turn a simple weekend trip into a huge packing affair. She’s already bought me 36 packs of gum for the trip.  I’ve worked my butt off all semester on various jobs just so I can hope to afford this semester, and to see it going on things I never anticipated needing is a little disconcerting.  Luckily my parents have been more than willing to help me out on stuff, from buying the photo album for my host family to fronting me the money for my plane ticket! 

But there’s still lots to figure out: phone plan, currency exchange,  plug adapter (Japanese plugs are slightly different than U.S. ones), budgeting, I have to finish my writing, contact the Nitta relatives, get in shape, transferring medicine, buy socks …  so many little details.    And I have to buy my own shampoo and conditioner before Japan as well, cuz’ you know they aren’t going to have my type of hair-care products over there.

Which brings me to another point, cyberspace:  I’m a little worried about how I’ll be received there.  I’ve never been abroad before.  What if I forget the language?  What if they don’t like me there?  What if I run out of things I need, like money or medicine?  Oh dear. Well, thank goodness for Skype.  And the postal system too, I guess.

Well, those burning questions can wait until the middle of the week at least.  I’ve still got stuff to finish up here.  Like the Oberlin alumni magazine article my editor returned for corrections.  And the letter to a certain director who has shafted her cast and crew one time to many.  And, and, and…

Until next time,


P.S. I’m going to start a travel journal as well!  woo!  Here’s to honing one’s writing skills!


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