Aaaaand- we’re done!


Yes, yes, YES!  I turned in my last two assignments today and am almost done packing!  Only problem is…packing.  I hate it so much.  Is there anyone who enjoys this?  Unrolling and sorting your life only to roll-up and resort it again every several months or so?  It’s aggrivating, and makes me anxious (especially since I’m a very messy person).  But there is something thrilling about sorting through the odds and ends of your year.  It really gives you reason to stop and evaluate your life- what you really need and don’t need….which, once you come face-to-face with the sheer AMOUNT of stuff you have you realize how attached you are to material possessions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to grab an entire heap of miscellaneous stuff on my floor and hurl it into the trash just to get it out of my way…but I can’t.  I’m a pack-rat.  I’ll NEED this someday, I tell myself.  And so most of my stuff stays.

My camera didn’t stay though…It’s missing.  I hope it’s at home.  That would suck to have to buy another one…

Anyway, have a good break cyber-friends!  I’m headed hoooome!




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  1. I’m in a similar situation now… It’s best if I don’t look at what I have to sort through; cause’ the moment do, all the sentiment returns… afterwards I think, “I didn’t care about this until I saw it!”

    …but by then, it’s too late… -_^

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