It’s official: Hello world, indeed! (はじまりましょう!)


I was going to wait until the semester officially ended to start this blog, but I bought my plane tickets a few minutes ago and can’t control my joy.  Here goes a new chapter in my life!

After two and a half years of scheming and hauling my big-ole butt to class, I have finally achieved what I thought was a pipe-dream:  Going to Japan.  Honestly, I figured it would be easier than this.  I had imagined a movie-style montage full of late night study sessions, crying jags, teachers high-fiving me in the halls, all culminating in a Mary-Tyler-Moore style romp through down-town Tokyo.

Well, I’m going to Osaka-not Tokyo, and the montage was a LOT longer and more grueling than expected, haha.  But full of good times as well. My senseis were great at helping me, especially during my more turbulent periods.   And I’m here!  With a passport, a plane ticket, and financial aid to pay for my tuition overseas!  It’s all so exciting!  And scary.

What if they don’t like me?

What if I run out of money?

What if I get sick or lonely?

What if I get depressed again?

These are all running through my head, but considering what I’ve been through I think I should be able to handle it.  And I think this blog will help me sort these things out- not to mention help me keep in touch with people.

I’m really incredibly excited to visit one of my “homelands” as it were (the others being primarily Mexico and somewhere in Africa).  And to meet my relatives- my aunt Toshi says there are relatives in Osaka (where I’m going)- hopefully I’ll get to meet them!  I hope they like me.  I hope my Japanese is good enough.  I hope this semester is fantastic, especially compared to the crappy semester that’s ending right now.

But enough musing for tonight, time for bed.  Thanks for listening, cyberspace.



p.s.  This blog is for writing and travel, and rando tidbits I like to share.  Hope you enjoy, and I appreciate comments and feedback as long as it’s respectful!


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